Service and Product

Matcha 抹茶

Matcha is the Japanese superfood.

We have several kinds of Matcha, such as good dispersion type.

Freeze dry Natto フリーズドライ納豆

Natto is fermented soybeans and the Japanese superfood.

This product is dried by freeze dry and reduced the smell and sickness which is the property of Natto originally.

Organizing Export foods

We can arrange the production of foods in Japan and China and export.

Please contact us and talk about your request!

About us

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  Linkfood Co., Ltd.

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  Import food ingredient and feed ingredient

  Export food

  Consultant for food and trade

< Establish date >

  18th September 2018

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  Address : 3-9-20 HotarugaikeNakamachi, Toyonaka city, Osaka, Japan

  Zip code : 560-0033

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  Tel : +81 6 6648 8366

  E-mail : info.linkfood@link-food.com